Restaurants Street

Sana'a | 2019 | 1min

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The picture for Street restaurants (Almataem Street) in the eighties

“Street restaurants” a community that represents all Yemenis … a mixture of people coming from various governorates … the sea … the residents of the deserts … the mountains … the valleys, and when I enter it, I feel that I enter a vibrant and harmonious heart … a closed heart with affection … enters the next From a vein to leave him other than what he entered .. If it is a society from all over Yemen .. it is a meeting place for friends, journalists, poets, poets, and politics. We find cafes and restaurants, pioneer dialogues and seminars of writers who always meet, even an It has become a place of value … a place with a soul … with feelings. ”
– Novelist, Muhammad al-Gharbi Imran.

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